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Associate Professor


Education background

2008-2013 Wageningen University, The Netherlands, PhD

2006-2008 China Agricultural University, China, Master

2002-2006 China Agricultural University, China, Bachelor

Research interest

Dairy Science and Technology, Foodomics, Nutrigenomics

The main research areas:

1 Milk nutrigenomics: using proteomics, lipidomics, glycomics and metabolomics technology to analyze the variation of human and animal milk to provide basic data for improving infant formula.

2 Functional evaluation and development of milk-based ingredients: Based on the data of milk nutrigenomics, investigating the functional and nutritional properties of milk components; use physical, chemical and biological methods to develop functional milk-based ingredients, focusing on the development of new ingredient for infant formula

3 Influence of processing process on milk composition and its nutritional value: Use omics technology to deeply analyze the influence of different processing process on composition and nutritional value of dairy products.

Selected publications

1.  Zhang, Y. Y.; Pang, X. Y.; Zhang, S. W.; Liu, L.; Ma, C. L.; Lu, J.*; Lyu, J. P*., Buttermilk as a wall material for microencapsulation of omega-3 oils by spray drying. LWT-Food Sci. Technol. 2020, 127. IF 4.006

2.  Lu, J.; Zhang, Y.; Song, B.; Zhang, S.; Pang, X.; Sari, R. N.; Liu, L.; Wang, J.; Lv, J., Comparative analysis of oligosaccharides in Guanzhong and Saanen goat milk by using LC-MS/MS. Carbohydr Polym 2020, 235, 115965. IF 7.182

3. Jia, C. L.; Hussain, N.; Ujiroghene, O. J.; Pang, X. Y.; Zhang, S. W.; Lu, J.*; Liu, L.*; Lv, J. P.*, Generation and characterization of dipeptidyl peptidase-IV inhibitory peptides from trypsin-hydrolyzed alpha-lactalbumin-rich whey proteins. Food Chemistry 2020, 318, 8. IF 6.306

4. Zhang, W., Wang, T., Chen, X., Pang, X., Zhang, S., Obaroakpo, J. U., Shilong, J., Lu, J.*, & Lv, J*. (2019). Absolute quantification of twelve oligosaccharides in human milk using a targeted mass spectrometry-based approach. Carbohydrate Polymers, 219, 328-333. IF 7.182

5. Zhao, P., Zhang, S., Liu, L., Pang, X., Yang, Y., Lu, J.*, & Lv, J*. (2018). Differences in the Triacylglycerol and Fatty Acid Compositions of Human Colostrum and Mature Milk. J Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 66(17). IF 4.192

6. Lu, J., Zhang, S., Liu, L., Pang, X., Ma, C., Jiang, S., & Lv, J*. (2018). Comparative proteomics analysis of human and ruminant milk serum reveals variation in protection and nutrition. Food Chemistry, 261, 274-282. IF 6.306

7. Lu, J., Liu, L., Pang, X., Zhang, S., Jia, Z., Ma, C., Zhao, L., & Lv, J*. (2016a). Comparative proteomics of milk fat globule membrane in goat colostrum and mature milk. Food Chemistry, 209, 10-16. IF 6.306

8. Lu, J., Wang, X., Zhang, W., Lu, L., Pang, X., Zhang, S., & Lv, J*. (2016b). Comparative proteomics of milk fat globule membrane in different species reveals variations in lactation and nutrition. Food Chemistry, 196, 665-672. IF 6.306

Selected Patents

1. “Fast method to qualify and quantify human milk oligosaccharides”, ZL 2017103084996

2. “Method to analyze bovine milk oligosaccharides”,ZL 2016108498902


Beijing Science and Technology Progress Awards; Science and technology awards of China Federation of Commerce

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