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On April 1st, the Graduate Enrollment and Management Conference 2014 of the Graduated School, CAAS was open in Beijing. IFST was awarded as the Best Management Organization of Graduate Student.


IFST has always attached special attention to the cultivation and education of graduate students and considered youth as the core, strategic and first resource of IFST’s development. Since 2013, IFST has strengthened the advertisement of graduate student enrollment. In 2014, among the students who signed up and passed the National Graduate Entrance Examination, nearly 30% of them came from 985 universities or 211 universities, which showed a steady improvement of the students’ quality. At the same time, the management system of graduate student has been improved by allocating 12 full-time graduate supervisors, organizing pre-job training for new teachers, clarifying cultivation requirement and guaranteeing education quality. Experts and scholars have been invited to deliver academic speeches so that the graduate students can broaden their horizon. Cultural identity of the graduate student is cultivated and their spare time is enriched. In the Annual Evaluation of Graduate Education 2013, IFST ranked 6th and took the lead of Food Science and Engineering education.