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Overview of Int'l Cooperation

IFST places great importance on international cooperation and exchanges. Over the past decades, IFST has led or been involved in an increasing number of collaborative projects, enabled by significant increases in funding from various governmental resources, including MARA,MOST,etc. IFST has established joint international laboratories or joint research center with National University of La Plata,University of Melbourne,Guelph Food Research Centre,respectively. To date, IFST has signed more than 60 collaboration agreements and memorandum with international research institutes, universities and companies to support scientists communication and conducting collaborative research

Scientific exchange is also a very important part, which is strongly encouraged and promoted at IFST. Hundreds of exchange visits has communicated between IFST and foreign scientists, developing joint research projects and attending scientific meetings and forums. 

International cooperation continues to be of vital importance to the development of IFST. In 2020, IFST is ranked as"National Talents and Talents Demonstration Base" by MOST.