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Overview of Introduction

The Institute of Food Science and Technology CAAS is the national scientific research institution in the field of agro-products processing. It performs the responsibility of the national team in scientific and technological innovation, industrial technology transformation, international cooperation and exchange, high-level personnel training and strategic research.


IFST focuses on processing and storage, quality and safety, nutrition and health, and intelligent manufacturing, forming a complete discipline system covering the whole field of agro-products processing.


There are 9 CAAS-level research teams have been established, including the field of grain processing and quality control, plant protein structure and function regulation, meat processing and quality control, fruit&vegetable processing and quality control, potato processing and quality control, food nutrition and functional factor utilization, Chinese food processing and equipment, food microorganism and enzyme engineering and agro-products biotoxin and allergen control. Besides, there are 4 IFST-level research teams have been established, including agro-products preservation and logistics, agro-products processing quality&safety prevention and control, research and utilization of plant active substances, and dairy processing and quality control.


Graduate education is a very important part of IFST. Continuous efforts has been made to improve the quality of graduate education.Both master's and doctoral programs are offered for international students.


Doctoral programs

Agro-product Quality and Food Safety

Agro-products Processing and Utilization

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Master programs

Food Science

Cereals, Oils and Vegetable Protein Engineering

Processing and Storage of Agricultural Products

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology