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Ph.D Supervisors

Professor, Researcher, Doctoral Supervisor

Education Background

ZHANG Chunhui received his doctoratefrom Northwest A&F University in 2001 and is currently the chief scientist of the "Chinese Food Processing and Equipment Innovation Program". He serves as the director of the “Traditional Food & Equipment Research Office” in IFST and as the Secretary of the “Biochemical and Comprehensive Utilization Professional Committee” at “China Animal Product Processing Research Institute”. Chunhui has won "Agricultural Science Talent" reward from theCAAS, and is the receiver of the “Special government allowances of the State Council”.


Research Interest

ZHANG Chunhui has long been engaged in research work on the quality formation and control of Chinese-style meat products, engineering processing technology of Chinese-style meat products, and high-value utilization of slaughter by-products. His researches are mainly focusing on:

1) Quality formation and control of Chinese-style meat products: mechanism ofpost-mortem muscle protein-water interaction and water migration; reducing-losses & improving quality technologies such as pig and broiler slaughtering stress control, pre-cooling loss control, chilled meat sub-freezing fresh-keeping storageand electrostatic field assisted freezing and thawing, etc..

2) Quantitative braising technology of Chinese meat products: flavor development and formation mechanism of Chinese-style meat products; quantitative marinated process theory and technical system of marinated meat products; technology and equipment of raw meat quality control, quantitative marinating, flavor fidelity and dehydrogenation drying.

3) Key technologies and equipment for high-value processing of livestock and poultry bones: bone protein peptides& polysaccharide digestion, absorption, operation mechanism and biological effects; industrial development of osseinflavoring, bone fat, bone-saccharide, high-solubility peptide calcium, calcium-saccharide, ultrafine bone powder and other series ofbone-source functional foods; selective synchronousextraction, efficient separation, full-component high-value processing technology and equipmentof edible bone nutrient components..

Recent Publications

ZHANG Chunhui has edited 7 monographs, published more than 120 research papers (including more than 50 SCI/EI papers), obtained more than 80 authorized patents (including 4 international invention patents), and formulated 11 agricultural industry standards.

(1) Representative Books

1.  Taihe Black-boned Silky Fowl. [M]. Science Press, 2019.

2. New processing technology of braised pork products[M]. Science Press, 2017.

(2) Representative Papers

1. Akram, A. N., Zhang, C.*. Extraction of collagen-II with pepsin and ultrasound treatment from chicken sternal cartilage; physicochemical and functional properties. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 2020.

2. Shen Q., Zhang C.*, Jia W., Qin X., Cui Z., Mo H., Richel A.. Co-production of chondroitin sulfate and peptide from liquefied chicken sternal cartilage by hot-pressure. Carbohydrate Polymers, 2019, 222, 115015.

3. Shen Q., Zhang C.*, Jia W., Qin X., Xu X., Ye M., Mo H., Richel A.. Liquefaction of chicken sternal cartilage by steam explosion to isolate chondroitin sulfate. Carbohydrate Polymers, 2019, 215, 73–81.

4. Wang X., Shen Q., Zhang C.*, Jia W., Han L., Yu Q.. Chicken leg bone as a source of chondroitin sulfate. Carbohydrate Polymers, 2019, 207, 191–199.

5. Akram A. N. & Zhang C*. Effect of ultra-sonication on the yield, functional and physicochemical characteristics of collagen-II from chicken sternal cartilage, Food Chemistry, 2019.

6. Mi S., Shang K., Li X., Zhang C.*, Liu, J. Q., & Huang, D. Q.. Characterization and discrimination of selected China's domestic pork usingan LC-MS-based lipidomics approach. Food Control, 2019, 100, 305-314.

7. Mi S., Shang K., Zhang C., Fan Y. Characterization and discrimination of selected chicken eggs in China's retail market based on multi-element and lipidomics analysis. Food Research International,2019.

8. Qian, S., Li, X., Wang, H., Mehmood, W., Zhong, M., Zhang, C*., & Blecker, C., (2019). Effects of low voltage electrostatic field thawing on the changes in physicochemical properties of myofibrillar . Joural of Food Engineering. 261, 140–149

9. Wang, H., Qin, X., Mi, S., Li, X., Wang, X., Yan, W., & Zhang, C*. (2019). Contamination of yellow-feathered broiler carcasses: Microbial diversity and succession during processing. Food Microbiology, 83, 18-26.

10. Wang, C., Wang, H., Li X, Zhang, C.*, Effects of oxygen concentration in modified atmosphere packaging on water holding capacity of pork steaks[J]. Meat Science, 2019, 148, 189-197.

(3) Patents:

1. International invention patent "A method of quantitative marinating and processing of Chinese-style marinated meat products"

2. International invention patent "A yak bone collagen chondroitin compound nutrient and its preparation method"

3. Invention patent "A method for making special seasoning for quantitative marinating", patent number ZL 201310495025.9

4. Invention patent "A preparation method of chicken flavor soup", patent number ZL201310656965.1

5. Invention patent "A method for drying meat products", patent number ZL 201310339931.X

6. Invention patent "A method of self-sourced in-situ flavor enhancement of quantitatively marinated meat products", patent number ZL 20151089086.1

7. Invention patent "A method for quantitative in-situ Maillard flavor enhencement of marinated meat products", patent number ZL 201510188182.4

8. Invention patent "A method of fresh meat sub-freezing preservation", patent number ZL 201410829989.7

9. Invention patent "A method for identifying the quality of yellow feather broiler chicken and white feather broiler chicken", patent number ZL 201410319174.4

10. Invention patent "A method for identifying the quality of local-pig and landrace pork", patent number ZL 201410317777.0

11. Invention patent "A method to reduce the loss of pig carcasses", patent number ZL 201410057907.

12. Invention patent "A kind of hanging loose meat and its preparation method", patent number ZL 201410617325.4

13. Invention patent "Method for judging the optimal maturity of muscles based on u-calpain activity", patent number ZL 201611051518.3

14. Invention patent "A meat product drying device", patent number ZL 201410242516.7

15. Invention patent "A method for co-production of collagen active peptides and flavor base materials from chicken bones", patent number ZL 201410268597.8

16. Invention patent "A co-production process of bilirubin and bile acid in swine bile", patent number ZL 201410241948.6

17. Invention patent "Quantitative marinating meat production line", patent number ZL 201610135860.5

18. Invention patent "A method of co-production of chicken bone protein gel, broth and bone high-calcium powder", patent number ZL 201510777399.9

19. Invention patent "A method for co-production of bovine bone oil, bovine bone ossein and bovine bone flavor seasoning with bovine bone extract", patent number ZL 201210166833.6

20. Invention patent "A co-production device for fish bone extract enzymolysis and Maillard reaction", patent number ZL 201410398254.3

(4) Industry standards

1. Ministry of Agriculture’s agricultural industry standard "Technical Regulations for Bone Meal Processing", NY/T 2965-2016;

2. Ministry of Agriculture's agricultural industry standard "Osteotin", NY/T 2778-2015;

3. Ministry of Agriculture’s agricultural industry standard "Technical Specification for Osteotin Processing", NY/T2653-2014;

4. Group standard "Hejian Donkey Burger", T/CAAPP 005-2018;

5. The group standard "Technical Specification for Hejian Donkey Burger Processing", T/CAAPP 006-2018


Zhang Chunhui has undertaken more than 10 projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the National Key Research and Development Program, and has won 27 national and provincial scientific and technological progress awards. The scientific research achievements have been transformed and applied in more than 50 companies at home and abroad, resulting in great economic and social benefits. 53master and doctoral students have been supervised,30of which have graduated.

1. "Innovation and application of key technology in the processing of marinated meat products" won the 2019 Outstanding Scientific and Technological Achievement Award of the CAAS, as the first accomplisher.

2. "Key technology and equipment for high-value processing of all components of livestock and poultry bones" won the second prize of the 2016-2017 China Agricultural Science and Technology Progress Award, as the first accomplisher.

3. "Key technology and application of high-value processing of all components of edible bones" won the first prize of scientific and technological innovation of the China Food Science and Technology Society in 2016, as firstaccomplisher.

4. "Key technology and industrialization of lamb cascade processing" won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2018, as the second accomplisher.


Contact Info

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