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Ph.D Supervisors

Ph. D, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor


Education background

Zhang Bo, a food processing science and technology researcher, received his BS degree in Food Science and Engineering (2000) from Northwest A&F University, China, MS degree in Cereal, Oil and Plant Protein Engineering (2003) from Northwest A&F University, China, and his PhD in Agro-Products Quality and Food Safety (2010) from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China.


Research interest

His research focus on wheat processing technology and extrusion texturization of wheat protein


Selected publications

  1. Gong Yanfei, Yingquan Zhang, Bo Zhang*, Guo Boli & Wei Yimin (2020) The moisture migration behavior of wheat starch/gluten blended powders and extrudates, Drying Technology, DOI: 10.1080/07373937.2020.1750028
  2. Gong Yanfei, Dai Meiyao, Li Fang, Zhang Bo*, Ying Danyang. A review on moisture migration mechanism and influencing factors in wheat flour products' drying process [J]. Journal of the Chinese cereals and oils association, 2020,35(3):195-202. (in Chinese)
  3. Fang Li, Yingquan Zhang, Ming Li, Clyde Don, Bo Zhang*, Boli Guo, Yimin Wei. The impact of extrusion parameters on the glutenin macropolymer content of flour-water dough[J]. Journal of Cereal Science 90 (2019) 102849
  4. Dai Meiyao, Gong Yanfei, Li Fang, Zhang Bo*. A review on the Physicochemical properties of the different fractions of wheat kernel[J]. Journal of the Chinese cereals and oils association, 2019,34(7):132-138. (in Chinese)
  5. Li Fang, Zhang Yingquan, Li Ming, Su Xiaofang, Zhang Bo*, Wei Yimin. Research Progress on Factors Affecting Wheat Gluten Formation Degree and Physicochemical Properties. Journal of Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology, 2019, 19(11): 278-285
  6. Bo Zhang, Yingquan Zhang, Jens Dreisoerner, Yimin Wei*. The effects of screw configuration on the screw fill degree and special mechanical energy in twin-screw extruder for high-moisture texturised defatted soybean meal[J]. Journal of Food Engineering, 2015, 157:77-83.
  7. Wei Zhang, Shujing Li, Bo Zhang*, Silvina R. Drago, Jingchuang Zhang. Relationships between the gelatinization of starches and the textural properties of extruded texturized soybean protein-starch systems[J]. Journal of Food Engineering, 2016, 174:29-36.
  8. Bo Zhang, Guo Liu, Danyang Ying*, Luz Sanguansri, Mary Ann Augustin. Effect of extrusion conditions on the physico-chemical properties and in vitro protein digestibility of canola meal[J]. Food Research International, 2017, 100:658-664.
  9. Shujing Li, Yimin Wei, Yanqiang Fang, Wei Zhang, Bo Zhang*. DSC study on the thermal properties of soybean protein isolates/corn starch mixture[J]. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 2014, 115(2):1633-1638.
  10. Jinchuang Zhang, Danyang Ying, Yimin Wei, Bo zhang*Xiaofang Su, Shujing Li. Thermal transition and decomposition properties of pH- and phosphate-induced defatted soybean meals[J]. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 2017,128:699–706.



He won 1 State level or/and Provincial Achievement Awards in Sci. & Tech.. He published more than 40 academic papers, 3 books and has 4 national patents.


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