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Principal of University of Liege Visited IFST



On January 27th, 2014, Mr. Bernardo, Principal of University of Liege, Belgium, visited IFST. Dai Xiaofeng, Director of IFST, Wang Qiang, Deputy Director of IFST and Zhai Yanning, Deputy Director of Graduate School of International Education attended the meeting.
Director Dai Xiaofeng briefed the history and current situation of agro-product processing industry in China with the role and position of it in modern agriculture as the key point. He pointed out that agro-product processing industry was the main content and important symbol for modern agriculture, which was at its golden development stage and should satisfy the intensive need for science and technology and talents. The agreement of Sino-Belgium Agronomy and Bioengineering PHD Program (hereinafter referred to as Sino-Belgium Program) in 2013 was significant for deepening and promoting collaboration. As a developed country, Belgium has much valuable experience for China in modern agriculture development, especially agro-product processing and food science. He hoped that this program could enhance the collaboration and exchange with substantial progress through exchange visit of professor, joint application of EU project and construction of Sino-Belgium cooperation platform.
Mr. Bernardo indicated that in this visit he got a full understanding of IFST and China’s agro-product processing industry, which strengthened his confidence of cooperation. He agreed with Director Dai’s opinion and hoped to conduct exchange and substantial collaboration in agro-product processing as soon as possible through this program.
The both sides exchanged ideas concerning program details and reached consensus. After that, Mr. Bernardo visited the National Key Laboratory of Agro-Products Processing, MOA and the Engineering Technology Center of Agro-Products Processing, MOA.