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Sina-Japan Joint Research Center for Agro-Products Processing was Founded in CAAS



On October 24th, 2011, the Joint Research Center for Agro-products Processing between IFST-CAAS and Japanese Food Research Institute of Nation Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO) was founded in IFST. Dr. Kioyoshi Hayashi, the director of Japanese Food Research Institute with his group, Dr. Gong Xifeng, vice-director of the International Cooperation Bereau, Dr. Dai Xiaofeng, director of IFST with all the researchers in IFST presented in the founding ceremony.
On the founding ceremony, Dr. Dai noted that the construction of this Joint Research Center is not only the wish of the two institutes, but also for the good of the two nations. He also gave suggestions for the future development of the Joint Research Center. First, spend effort to make practical cooperation under the framework and apply for multi-national projects. Second, spend effort in the frontier research to enlarge the impact of this Joint Research Center in the world. Third, enhance the exchange and cultivation of the young talents, especially enhance the exchange of the doctoral, post-doctoral students. Dr. Dai hoped the Joint Research Center could contribute to the two nations.
Dr. Kioyoshi Hayashi also highlighted the foundation of the Joint Research Center and hoped the two sides could make achievements in the framework of the Joint Research Center.
After the foundation ceremony, Dr. Kioyoshi Hayashi gave an academic presentation in IFST. On behalf of the Comprehensive Key Laboratory of Agro-Products Processing, Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. Dai awarded Dr. Kioyoshi Hayashi a member of the Academic Committee of the Laboratory.