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Director General Dr. Dai Xiaofeng Meets with Ms. Wendy Hurp, Distributor of the Elsevier Publishing Group Food Science Magazine



    October 25th, 2012, Dr. Dai Xiaofeng, Director General of IFST, CAAS, met with Ms. Wendy Hurp, distributor of the Elsevier Publishing Group Food Science Magazine, and Dr. Steve W. Cui in the Guelph Food Research Cente, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.
    Dr. Dai Xiaofeng, on behalf of IFST, extended his warmest welcome to the delegation and discussed the possibility of cooperating with Elsevier Publishing Group to publish a periodical together in the field of food science. Dr. Dai pointed out that since the agro-products processing industry in China is developing rapidly and facing strategic opportunities, IFST, as the only research institute at the national level in this field, has been adhering to the philosophy of “Openness, Compatibility, Innovation and Excellence”, leading the directions for innovation in the agro-products processing technologies in China, cooperating with top research institutes and prestigious institutions of higher learning around the world. As a result, the academic performance of our Instituted has been improved continually. As a renowned international publishing group, Elsevier has unique advantages in S&T publication. The two parties have an extensive scope of cooperation and promising prospects. He recommended that the two sides should enhance cooperation in food science and jointly start the Chinese version and electronic version of the Food Science Magazine. This is both an effective way to seek common development and a win-win situation, and also an inevitable trend in international cooperation and exchange.
    Ms. Wendy Hurp agreed with Director Dai and hoped to keep moving ahead with the cooperation in periodical publication in China, with a view to realizing substantive progress as soon as possible.
    After the meeting, Ms. Wendy Hurp made special presentations on how to publish articles on the leading international periodicals.