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Delegation of US Kansas State UniversityVisits the Institute


    On August 9th, 2012, Dr. Dirk E. Maier, head of the Grain Science and Industry Department at Kansas State University, Dr. Donghai Wang, professor of biological and agricultural engineering, and Xiuzhi Susan Sun, professor of grain science, visited IFST and met with DG Dr. Dai Xiaofeng.


    Dr. Dai Xiaofeng, on behalf of the Institute, expressed his warmest welcome to the delegation. He said that “Openness, Tolerance, Innovation and Excellence” has always been the foundation of the Institute and that cooperation and exchange with top research institutes and institutions of higher learning is an inevitable trend and also an effective way to seek common development and realize a win-win situation. Besides, the Institute and Kansas State University have great potential for cooperation in grain and biological engineering. He hoped that the two parties conduct in-depth exchange and cooperation in scientists and students exchange, talent cultivation, scientific research and platform building, with a view to establishing a mechanism of long-term effects.


    The three visiting experts elaborated on the latest research results and progress in grain science around the world from different angles. Dr. Maier made a presentation entitled “Latest Progress in the Testing and Management of Stored Grain”, describing in detail the progress in the application of CO2 monitoring technologies in storage of grain. Dr. Xiuzhi Susan Sun made a presentation entitled “Biomass Materials and its Application”, focusing on the progress in the research for application of soybean protein to fabricate environmentally friendly biomass adhesive, which can be used for wood materials, paint and children’s glue. Dr. Donghai Wang made a presentation entitled “Fabrication of Bio-fuel with Renewable Energy”, stating the research and production of biomass energy in the US, especially the technical issues related to utilization of sorghum to produce ethanol, such as the “Gene – Structure – Function - Utilization” of sorghum in the biological transformation process.