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Dr. Dai Xiaofeng meets with Dr. Liu Ruihai from Cornell University


On March 23, 2012, Dr. Dai Xiaofeng, Director General of IFST met with Dr. Liu Ruihai from Cornell University. Dr. Liu made an academic presentation with the title of “Fruit Phytochemicals for Cancer Prevention: Molecular Targets”, and “Recent Progress in Antioxidant Research Methodology”.

Dr. Dai extended a warm welcome to Dr. Liu Ruihai and stated that in the world of frequent communication and cooperation, the further development of IFST needs the joint and help of international research leaders. Dr. Dai expressed the hope of cooperating with international researchers and to contribute to China’s agro-products processing career.

In the lecture, Dr. Liu introduced the new research progress of fruit phytochemicals in cancer prevention and antioxidant research methodology. He mentioned adding vitamins like VC, VE, and VA is the tradition in western food. However, the recent epidemiology research shows that overuse of antioxidant like VC, VE, VA and selenium will increase the risk of getting cancer. The whole idea is a breakthrough in the cancer prevention from the nutrition and health research approach. Through his research, apple extracts especially apple polyphenol have the actives of preventing liver cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer. In the antioxidant research, the CAA testing method with cell model has replaced the traditional testing method and become the general antioxidant testing method used in the world.

Dr. Liu is a world famous professor in food research area. He has published more than 100 academic papers in journals such as Nature. He is the vice editor of Journal of Food Science, etc.