Sweet Potato Starch-Specialized Committee, China Starch Industry Association


Sweet Potato Starch-Specialized Committee, China Starch Industry Association (SPSC, CSIA )has got registered from Ministry of Civil Affairs in January, 2012, and is subordinate to China Starch Industry Association. With the same goal of improving the development of sweet potato starch industry and sweet potato-linked industries, SPSC is established voluntarily as a non-profit national organization by the units and people who are engaged in the production, manufacturing, management, research, education and technology popularization of sweet potato starch food and sweet potato-linked food.

SPSC, CSIA consists of the Council, the Expert Advisory Board and the Secretariat. In the committee there are 17vice-presidents, 22executive directors and 25directors among the 112 member units now.

The purpose:

The committee serves in sweet potato processing and the linked food processing industries, aims at improving the production, operation and management level of sweet potato processing industries and effectively promoting the combination of the production, study and research. The committee as an industry organization will play a full role of a link between the government and enterprises under the premise of compliance with national laws, regulations and industry policies.

The main business scope:

(1) Technical advice, information sharing and business training

(2) New technical research, popularization, exchanges and cooperation

(3) Consumer guiding and brand promoting

(4) Formulating the industry standard and supervising to maintain the industry self-regulation

(5) International cooperation and exchanges

The first session of the council:

President: Tai-hua Mu

Secretary-General:Jingwang Chen

Deputy Secretary-General: Shasha Li、Leilei Ji

The association is willing to establish extensive ties with people from all walks of life and organizations at home and aboard to provide kinds of services about production, processing, technology and the exchanges and cooperation on business for those who are enthusiastic about the development of sweet potato starch and related food processing industry.

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