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Research and application of the main agro-product tracing technology



    This research result won the First-class Award for Technical Advancement of Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology in 2012. Food traceability system is an effective measure for food safety risk management and the foundation to guarantee fast and effective recall of “problematic food” and reduce economic loss. This research result has developed the whole-process electronic label tracing technology for agro-products “from agricultural fields to dinner table” and “from dinner table to agricultural fields”, built the tracing system and inquiry platform consisting of the electronic label tracing module, origin tracing module and pollution source analysis module, and established the tracing technology system for agricultural input and food industry chain regulation. In particular, the isotope and mineral element fingerprint tracing technology for agro-products has reached the international advanced level. This technology has effectively improved the transparency of the food industry chain, increased the regulation efficiency and level for agricultural inputs, and boosted the confidence of consumers, resulting in noticeable social and economic benefits for industrial demonstration and application.