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Establishment of the data base for the main apricot varieties in Xinjiang as well as the development and demonstration of storage, transportation and processing technologies



    This research result won the Second-class Award for S&T Advancement in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in 2011. It has tested and classified the 126 apricot resources (including the main varieties planted in the area) by sensory characteristics, nutrition and physical & chemical properties, processing quality indexes, and established the fundamental data base for the processing quality of apricot resources in Xinjiang; classified the apricot varieties by apricot juice, dried apricot, apricot nut and fresh-eating apricot, etc, determined the core indexes and assessment standards for 4 major types of processing quality, selected and confirmed the varieties for juice preparation, apricot drying, fresh eating and nuts; raised effective technologies measures to control the diseases in storage and transportation for different transportation modes and extend shelf life; developed the solar energy drying technology to produce a new type of clean dried apricot, and made a breakthrough in the technologies for browning prevention, instant solution and stabilization for solid apricot drinks; established the standard system for apricot processing, determined the key control points and operation control points for apricot processing products and formulated the technical codes for whole-process quality control; determined the preservation technologies for apricot storage and transportation as well as the new process for clean dried apricot, solid apricot drinks, almond protein powder, almond bioactive peptide, and high-quality active carbon from apricot shell; developed the new products of apricot packing basket, solar energy drying equipment, clean dried apricot, etc.