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Key technologies for preparation of functional peanut oligopeptides



    This research result won the Second-class Award for CAAS S&T Research Achievements in 2009. It targeted at the blank area in the development of peanut peptide and the problems of low purity and indefinite functional activeness for functional peptide products in China, uses low-denature peanut protein powder as the raw material, conducts studies on the enzymatic hydrolysis, desalination, ultra-filtration process and product functions, and establishes the peanut oligopeptide preparation process with high solubility, high purity and definite functions. The innovative point lies in that it has established the new composite enzymatic hydrolysis process for peanut peptide, utilized the zwitterion resin mixed bed technology for the first time to realize efficient desalination with enzymatic hydrolysate, and adopted the ultra-filtration process to further purify functional peptide section. Results of animal tests show that the peanut oligopeptide with a molecular weight less of 1KDa can be used as a safety and effective pressure reduction factor. Promotion of this research result will play an important role in expanding the utilization of peanut protein resources, extend the peanut industry chain, improve the S&T innovation capabilities of the peanut processing industry and functional food industry in China, and promote the development of the deep processing industry for agro-products.



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