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Research and application of the key technologies for cold fresh mutton process



    This research result won the Second-class Award for CAAS S&T Research Achievements in 2012. It includes five key technologies of common-nature for cold fresh mutton processing, namely standard cutting, carcass classification, shelf life extension, post-slaughter damage reduction and quality maintenance, with a view to facilitating the production of high-quality cold fresh mutton. The innovative point lies in that it relies on the molecular foundation and spectroscopy characteristics based on the quality characteristics of meat, builds the technical theories for mutton quality assessment and non-destructive grading, establishes the near-infrared non-destructive grading model for carcass, and provides the theoretical basis for development of smart grading devices; it has also made a breakthrough in the common-nature key technologies for production of cold fresh mutton, and established the modern technical system for cold fresh mutton processing; additionally, it has used the systematic-theory observations and methods, established the technical codes for key cold fresh mutton processing technologies and whole-process quality control system in China, and made a breakthrough for the integration process of theory – technology – product – standard. This research result has solved the long-standing problems of chaotic cutting methods, lack of grading methods, laggard preservation technologies, short shelf life and low quality and safety levels in cold fresh mutton production, established the modern technical system for cold fresh mutton processing and led to application in large areas as well as noticeable social and economic benefits.