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Research of the production technologies and functional features of sweet potato protein



    This research result won the Second-class Award for CAAS S&T Research Achievements in 2010. Protein in the waste liquids of sweet potato processing has always been a problem in this industry in China. This research result targets at reutilization and development of such protein and utilizes the acid precipitation and ultra-filtration process, and has developed the new sweet potato protein extraction technology and extracted the sweet potato protein with the purity of over 85%. This process is first of its kind around the world. Studies show that sweet potato has a high content of essential amino acids, excels in solubility, emulsifying property, gel formation property and heat stability, and features strong antioxidant activeness, resistance to tumor, blood fat reduction capability and other health benefits. As a new vegetable protein source and food additive, sweet potato protein can be widely used in food processing and production. This is of great significance for the effort to enrich the protein resources in China, increase the variety of sweet potato products and mitigate environmental pollution. This research result has passed the S&T research result verification process by MOA and the experts unanimously concluded that it has reached the international advanced level. This research result has led to 2 authorized patents, 1 published book and 31 published research papers (10 of them have been included into SCI).