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Applied Enzymology Research Team


Chief Scientist

Xin Fengjiao, Young talent plan Candidate of CAAS

Devote to the research on the structural and molecular mechanisms of enzymes, biosynthesis of functional ingredients and food additives, and development of functional fortified food. She published academic papers on Nature, Cell Research and ACS Catalysis et al.

Bachelor of Science, Pharmaceutics, JILIN University, 2005.9-2009.7;

Ph.D, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 2009.9-2014.7;

Professor, Institute of Agro-Products Processing Science and Technology, 2014.7-now

Research focus and objectives

1.Biomass enzymatic hydrolysis and conversion:Screen and identify new plant cell wall degrading microbial consortia and enzymes (xylanase, pectinase, etc.), clarify their regulation mechanism via enzyme kinetic and structural studies. Identify food functional ingredients bioconversion intestinal microbiota and enzymes, clarify the underlying catalytic mechanisms.

2.Microorganism breeding and engineering: Study on genetic improvement and gene editing technology of lactic acid bacteria. Engineering enzymes to produce valuable building blocks and integrating into different microorganisms for the synthesis of food bioactive components (vanillin, curcumin, etc.).

3.Functional fortified food development: Based on the domestically identified and studied enzymes and microorganisms (probiotics, etc.) to develop the bio-conversed functional fortified food.


1.New food enzyme screening, improvement and high-efficiency expression technology.

2.Vanillin biosynthesis technology and industrial application.

3.Study on key processing Technology of enzyme modified Cheese Powder.

4.Key processing technology and industrial application of probiotics and its fermented milk.

5.Research and demonstration Application of key Technologies for improving the quality of liquid Milk.

6.Research and industrial application of key technologies and equipment for clean production of cheese processing and whey recovery.

7.CIP purification and recovery equipment for waste liquid.