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Food Nutrition and Functional Component Utilization Research Team


Chief Scientist

Ph. D, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor

Director of Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST)

Research Objectives

Our team aim to “Strengthen functions and nutrition of food, reduce the risk of diseases, and improve the quality of human life”. We main focus on safety risk assessment and efficiency evaluation of functional foods, revealing the health-promoting mechanisms of functional components, establishment of key technologies for efficient utilization of functional components, and development of functional foods. Establish safety assessment technologies for raw materials and processing of functional foods and efficiency evaluation systems associated with animals, cells and gut microbiota models for cognitive and emotional dysfunction, gastrointestinal metabolic disorders and glycolipid metabolism disorders; Clarify the dose-activity relationship, structure-activity relationship and mechanisms of health-promoting effects for functional components (polyphenols, polysaccharides and polypeptides); Establish efficient preparation and rapid detection technologies; Research on the stability and target delivery of functional components; Develop personalized nutrition and health products for different populations.

Research achievements

Obtained >50 national, provincial and ministerial research projects; Published > 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers; Established > 10 standards; Authorized >50 patents; Published > 10 monographs; Developed > 100 kinds of nutritional and healthy products.