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Fruit and Vegetable Processing and Quality Control Research Team


Chief Scientist

Dr. Mu Taihua, Professor, Doctoral supervisor

Main research tasks

At present, there are some major industrial problems in fruit and vegetable processing industry in China, such as serious post-harvest loss, backward processing technology and equipment level, low comprehensive utilization rate of by-products, etc. To solve the above mentioned problems, Fruit and Vegetable Processing and Quality Control Innovation Team focused on the research and development of preservation technologies of post-harvest fruit and vegetable, processing technologies of nutritious fruit and vegetable products, and comprehensive utilization of by-products from fruit and vegetable processing, so as to form major technology, equipment and product innovations in the field of fruit and vegetable processing.


Fruit and Vegetable Processing and Quality Control Innovation Team has been granted 53 CN patents, 7 national and agricultural industry standards, 218 peer-reviewed journal publications, and 35 books or book chapters. The research achievements have passed 7 appraisal and evaluation of achievements, and won 15 influential awards, such as the 15th and 17th Chinese Patent Excellence Awards, CAAS Scientific Achievement Awards, Chinese Agricultural Science and Technology Award, CIFST Science and Technology Innovation Award, Chinese Cereals and Oils Association (CCOA) Science and Technology Achievement Award, etc. 75 graduate students (25 doctoral students, 50 postgraduate students), 5 visiting scholar, 7 short period communication fellows and 4 postdoctoral fellows have been trained by this team