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Plant Protein Structure and Function Regulation Research team


Chief Scientist

Wang Qiang, second-level research fellow, doctoral supervisor

Deputy Director of Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST)

Dr. Wang has long been engaged in scientific research in the field of grain and oil processing, health and nutrition. He is deputy director of Institute of Food Science and Technology, CAAS and member of Central Agriculture and Forestry Commission of Jiusan Society; the national first batch of Agricultural Scientific Research Outstanding Talents; National Excellent Science and Technology Workers; 2019 National Advanced Individuals in Targeted Poverty Alleviation supported by Science and Technology; selected into the national "Millions of Talent Projects National Candidates" and won the honorary title of "Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions"; enjoy the Special Allowance of the State Council; Chief Scientist of "Grain and Oil Processing and Comprehensive Utilization" Innovation Team of the Ministry of Agriculture; Chinese academy of Agricultural Sciences Class B talents; Shandong Taishan Talents; President of Peanut Food Branch of China Grain and Oil Society; Vice President of Chinese Food and Functional Food Branch; Director of Processing Research Office of National Peanut Industry Technology System; Editorial board of NPJ Science of Food; Editor of Journal of Integrative Agriculture.

Main Tasks

1. Theory of quality formation and regulation during processing of plant protein resources: Explore the molecular mechanism of processing characteristics and processing suitability based on nut raw materials; To reveal the formation and regulation mechanism of key structures (domains) in protein processing; Clarify the mechanism of precise nutrition and anti-chronic disease of natural functional ingredients.

2. Efficient utilization and revolutionary processing technology of plant protein resources: Establishment of special processing technology and cascade utilization technology for nuts and other resources; Conquer innovative design of protein food and revolutionary technology of intelligent manufacturing; Overcome the barriers in efficient separation of functional components and bioavailability enhancement technology.

3. Innovative design and manufacturing of high-quality products based on plant protein resources:

Develop high-value-added nut products such as oil, sauce, protein powder and snack; To develop a series of future revolutionary protein products such as vegetable protein meat, vegetable cream, low PHE protein, etc. Conduct research and development of blood pressure, anti-liver cancer, sleep promotion, antiviral and other personalized nutrition and health products.

Team output

Hosted more than 30 national project such as Key R & D programs (basic Research) during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the Natural Science Foundation of China, 863 Project. The first accomplisher won the second prize of National Technological Invention in 2014 and the first prize of China Agricultural Science and Technology Award in 2013 and 2019; " 2015 China Agricultural Science and Technology Award "Outstanding Innovation Team"; ICC's Highest Academic Award in 2012, China Excellent Patent Award in 2014; Special Prize of Science and Technology Award of China Business Federation in 2017; Ten New Equipment for Agriculture and Rural Areas in China in 2019; Six Authorized international patents of the United States, Japan, the European; 70 national invention patents; 2 revised the national standard; published 12 books (3 English monographs); more than 90 representative papers (including 1 paper with IF> 10, and 31 papers with JCR zone 1); more than 70 postgraduate and doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows and foreign students have been cultivated.

In 2011, awarded "National Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Excellent Team" by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs; in 2012,  won the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs "Youth Civilization" honorary title; in 2013, became one of the first batch of "National Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Project" pilot team; won the 2014-2015 Chinese Agricultural Science "Outstanding Innovation Team Award"; presently as the supporting institution for Chinese Peanut Food Association of CCOA and National Peanut Industrial Technology System Processing Research Center; since 2010, there have been more than 30 technology transformation enterprises, with more than 30 million yuan of achievement transformation income and more than 4 billion yuan of direct economic benefits.