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    This research result has won the Second-class China’s Agriculture Award for 2011. To be specific, this result is the first to identify the critical point of water addition quantity for extrusion texturization process and specify that the produced free water exceeding the critical point will increase by a large margin. Besides, it has identified the free water vaporization to be the main reason for the fluctuations in the extrusion process; proved that water content may improve product quality; prepared the material and water separation and feeding system, and overcome the difficulties in feeding materials with a high water content; optimized the extruder screw combination, prepared the temperature-controlled cooling die head, and improved the stability of the extrusion process and formation of products. Also, it is the first in the country to fabricate the textured protein production equipment with self-owned IPR and realize batch production. This research result has reached the internationally advanced level, promoted the rapid development of industry technologies and brought significant social and economic benefits.
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