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Research platforms

Research Objectives

“National Risk Assessment Laboratory of Agro-products Processing Quality and Safety (Beijing), MOA” is a ministerial risk assessment agency in agro-products processing field, which entitled by Ministry of Agriculture and affiliates to the Institute of Agro-Products Processing Science and Technology of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The objective of this laboratory is risk assessment of hazards during agro-products storage, transportation, processing and packaging; to insure the quality and safety of agro-products and primary processed agro-products; to seek risk management of agro-products. Its development vision is to establish a national research platform for risk assessment, management and communication of agro-products processing.


Research Tasks

The Laboratory focuses on risk monitor, risk assessment, risk management and risk communication of critical risks during agro-products processing. Main work fields including:

1.     Carry out hazard identification, hazard assessment and safety controlling technologies research for preservatives, fresh-keeping agents and additives during agro-products storage, transportation and processing;

2.     Carry out hazard identification, migration patterns analysis, hazard assessment, and safety controlling technologies research for volatile organic compound, processing aids and printing ink during agro-products packaging;

3.     Carry out the research on growth and decline rule, risk assessment, safety controlling technologies and prediction technologies for mycotoxin during agro-products storage, transportation and processing;

4.     Carry out the research on safety assessment and the effect of new processing techniques on nutrition and quality of agro-products;

5.     Conduct exposure assessment of hazard during agro-products storage, transportation and processing;

6.     Undertake official tasks and providing technical support of routine risk monitoring and risk assessment in agro-products processing;

7.     Undertake the responsibility of domestic and international risk communication in agro-products processing quality and safety field;

8.     Participate in setting norms and standards related to agro-products processing quality and safety;

9.     Provide training, service, and consultation on the agro-products processing quality and safety field both in China and abroad.



The Laboratory has 26 staffs, in which 24 are researchers, 2 are full-time management personnel; 19 have doctorate degree, 6 have master/'s degree; 20 have the senior professional title. Dr. Wang Fengzhong, Deputy Director General of IAPPST is also director of the Laboratory. Dr. Dai Xiaofeng, DG of IAPPST is the director of technical committee of the Laboratory.