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Associate Professor


Education background

He had received his BSc degree in Food Science & Engineering (1998) from the Laiyang Agricultural College, Shandong, China; received his MS degree in Food Science & Engineering (2002) from Shandong Agricultural University, Shandong, China; and received his PhD in Preservation and Processing of Agricultural Products (2008) from the China Agricultural University, Beijing, China.

Research interest

He is interested in the technology of traditional food products processing (Chinese cuisines). The research includes (1) quality evaluation and formation mechanism of traditional meat products; (2) development of industrialization technology and key equipment for traditional meat cuisines; (3) quality and safety control of traditional foods; (4) matching and integration of automation industrial production equipment. More than 60 articles and 4 books were published, and 55 patents were authorized.

Selected publications

1. Wang Ruirui, Huang Feng, Zhang Liang, Liu Qiannan, Zhang Chunjiang*, Zhang Hong*. Changes in the texture, colour, and volatile compounds of pork meat loins during superheated steam cooking. International Journal of Food Science and Technology, 2019, 54(10):2821-2830.

2. Tan Yaoyao, Zhao Yue, Hu Honghai, Fu Nan, Zhang Chunjiang*, Zhang Hong*, Dai Xiaofeng*. Drying kinetics and particle formation of potato powder during spray dryingprobed by microrheology and single droplet drying. Food Research International, 2019, 116: 483-491.

3. Yueming Li, Cuicui Zhang, Xuejing Jiang, Ming Gao, Xiaojing Yao, Hui Liu, Jing Wang, Hong Zhang*, ChunJiang Zhang*. The effects of diferent additives on the physical properties of dumpling wrapper.  Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization, 2019,13(4):3077-3085.


Second Class Prize of National Award for Technology Invention,2019

Outstanding Science and Technology Innovation Award of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, 2019

Second prize of Science and Technology Awards of China General Chamber of Commerce, 2015

Second prize of Chinese food science and technology Awards of China Cuisine Association, 2015

First prize of Science and Technology Awards of China General Chamber of Commerce, 2012


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