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Professor, Doctoral Supervisor


Education background

Dr. Guo Boli received her Bachelor Degree of storage and processing of agro-product from North West Agricultural University (1998), Master Degree of food science from North West Agriculture and Forestry University (2001), and PhD of food quality and safety from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (2007).

Research interest

Wheat processing and wheat products manufacture
Food geographical origin and contamination traceability
The hazard prevention and control in food processing chain

Selected publications

1.Yuanyuan He, Qianqian Sun, Xiaowen Zhang, Xiaopin Bao, Yandan Wang, Boli Guo*. Authentication of the Geographical Origin of Maca (Lepidium meyenii Walp.) at Different Regional Scales Using the Stable Isotope Ratio and Mineral Elemental Fingerprints[J], Food Chemistry, 2019: 126058 ( IF 5.399)
2.Xiaowen Zhang, Shuai Wei, Qianqian Sun, Syed Abdul Wadood, Boli Guo*. Source identification and spatial distribution of arsenic and heavy metals in agricultural soil around Hunan industrial estate by positive matrix factorization model, principle components analysis and geo statistical analysis. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 2018, 159: 354-362. ( IF 3.974)
3.Wadood S A, Boli Guo, Xiaowen Zhang, Yimin Wei*. Geographical origin discrimination of wheat kernel and white flour using NIR spectroscopy fingerprinting coupled with chemometrics. International Journal of Food Science and Technology , 2019, 2045-2054(IF 2.4)
4.Syed Abdul Wadood, Boli Guo, Yimin Wei*. Geographical traceability of wheat and its products using multielement light stable Isotopes coupled with chemometrics. Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 2018, (online).
5. Syed Abdul Wadood, Boli Guo, Hongyan Liu, Shuai Wei, Xiaoping Bao, Yiming Wei*. Study on the variation of stable isotopic fingerprints of wheat kernel along with milling processing. Food Control, 2018, 91: 427-433.
6.Hongyan Liu, Yimin Wei, Shuai Wei, Tao Jiang, Senshen Zhang, Boli Guo*. δ2H of wheat and soil water in different growth stages and their application potentialities as fingerprints of geographical origin. Food Chemistry. 2017, 226:135-140.
7.Hongyan Liu, Yimin Wei, Yingquan Zhang, Shuai Wei, Senshen Zhang, Boli Guo*. The effectiveness of multi-elements fingerprints for identifying the geographical origin of wheat. International Journal of Food Science and Technology. 2017, 52:1018-1025.
8.Hongyan Liu, Yimin Wei, Hai Lu, Shuai Wei, Tao Jiang, Yingquan Zhang, Jinfu Ban, Boli Guo*. The determination and application of 87Sr/86Sr ratio in verifying geographical origin of wheat. Journal of Mass Spectrometry. 2017, 52:248-253.
9.Senshen Zhang, Yimin Wei, Shuai Wei, Hongyan Liu, Boli Guo*. Authentication of Zhongning wolfberry with geographical indication by mineral profile. International Journal of Food Science & Technology, 2017, 52: 457–463.
10.Shumin Sun, Boli Guo*, Yimin Wei. Origin assignment by multi-element stable isotopes of lamb tissues. Food Chemistry. 2016, 213:675-681.
11.Hongyan Liu, Yimin Wei, Hai Lu, Shuai Wei, Tao Jiang, Yingquan Zhang, Boli Guo*.Combination of the 87Sr/86Sr ratio and light stable isotopic values (δ13C, δ15N and δD) for identifying the geographical origin of winter wheat in China. Food Chemistry. 2016, 212:367-373.
12.Jiuqing Zhou, Boli Guo*, Yimin Wei, Guoquan Zhang, Shuai Wei, Yiyan Ma. The Effect of Different Cooking Processes on Stable C, N, and H Isotopic Compositions of Beef. Food Chemistry. 2015.182:23-26 .
13.Hongyan Liu, Boli Guo*, Yimin Wei, Shuai Wei, Yiyan Ma, Wan Zhang. Effects of Geographical Origin, Genotype, Harvest Year and Their interactions on δ13C, δ15N and δD in Wheat Kernels. Food chemistry, 2015, 171:56-61.
14.Yiyan Ma, Boli Guo*, Yimin Wei, Shuai WEI and Haiyan ZHAO, The Feasibility and Stability of Distinguishing the Kiwi Fruit Geographical Origin Based on Electronic Nose Analysis. Food Science and Technology Research, 2014, 20 (6), 1173-1181.
15.Haiyan Zhao, Boli Guo, Yimin Wei, Bo Zhang. Effects of grown origin, genotype, harvest year, and their interactions of wheat kernels on near infrared spectral fingerprints for geographical traceability. Food Chemistry. 2014, 152: 316-322.
16.Xiaoling Liu, Boli Guo, Yimin Wei, Junling Shi, Shumin Sun. Stable isotope analysis of cattle tail hair: A potential tool for verifying the geographical origin of beef. Food Chemistry. 2013, 140:135-140.
17.Haiyan Zhao, Boli Guo, Yimin Wei, and Bo Zhang. Near infrared reflectance spectroscopy for determination of the geographical origin of wheat. Food Chemistry. 2013, 138:1902-1907.
18.Haiyan Zhao, Boli Guo, Yimin Wei, and Bo Zhang. Multi-element composition of wheat grain and provenance soil and their potentialities as fingerprints of geographical origin. Journal of Cereal Science. 2013,57:391-397.
19.Shumin Sun, Boli Guo, Yimin Wei, Mingtao Fan. Classification of Geographical Origins and Prediction of δ13C and δ15N Values of Lamb Meat by Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy. Food Chemistry. 2012, 135: 508-514.
20.Haiyan Zhao, Boli Guo, Yimin Wei, and Bo Zhang. Effects of Wheat Origin, Genotype, and Their Interaction on Multielement Fingerprints for Geographical Traceability. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 2012, 60(44): 10957-10962.
21.Haiyan Zhao, Boli Guo, Yimin Wei, Bo Zhang, Shumin Sun, Lei Zhang, Junhui Yan. Determining the geographic origin of wheat using multi-element analysis and multivariate statistics. Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry. 2011,59(9): 4397-4402.
22.Shumin Sun, Boli Guo, Yimin Wei, Mingtao Fan. Multi-element analysis for determining the geographical origin of mutton from different regions of China. Food Chemistry. 2011, 124: 1151–1156.
23.Guo Boli, Wei Yimin, Pan Jiarong, Li Yong. Stable C and N Isotope Ratio Analysis for Regional Geographical Traceability of Cattle in China. Food Chemistry. 2010, 118(4): 915-920


Awarded Science and Technology of Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology in 2012, and Science and Technology of Shaanxi Province in 2012. More than 100 articles were published in Food Chemistry, Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry and other Journals, 6 books such as Theory and Technology of Cereal Geographical Origin Traceability based on Fingerprints Analysis, Technology of Beef Geographical Origin Traceability, Technology of Lamb Geographical Origin Traceability, Research of Plant Origin Food Contamination Traceability, Food Safety Introduction and Food Safety Control in China were published, and have 13 national patents and 21 registration of computer software copyright.


Address: No 2, Yuanmingyuan West Rd., Beijing, P.R. China

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