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Ph. D, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor


Education background

Sep. 2002-Jul. 2008Ph.D. Zhejiang University, P.R. China,

Sep. 1998-Jul. 2002B.A. & BEc. Shanxi Agricultural University, P.R. China

Research interest

1.Plant Health and Food Safety.
2.Research on Biosynthesis and Regulation of Mycotoxins.
3.Mycotoxin Prevention and Applied Microbiology Research
4.Postharvest Biology

Selected publications

1.Wei Guo, Liew JY, Y. Adam Yuan. Structural insights into arms race between host and viruses along RNA silencing pathways in Arabidopsis thaliana (2014) Biological Reviews 89,337-355 (Cover feature) (IF=10.701)
2.Xiuling Yang, Wei Guo, Fangfang Li, Garry Sunter, and Xueping Zhou* Geminivirus-Associated Betasatellites: Exploiting Chinks in the Antiviral Arsenal of Plants (2019)Trends in Plant Science, 24, 6, 519-529(IF=14.416)
3.B Yang, X Jin, Q Feng, K Xiao, H Zhang, T Tang, L Shan, Wei Guo* Colletotrichum species causing leaf spot diseases of Liriope cymbidiomorpha (ined.) in China (2020)Australasian Plant Pathology 49, 137–139 (IF= 1.483)
4.Nini Ma, Hafiz Abdul Haseeb, Fuguo Xing, Zengping Su, Liuying Shan, Wei Guo*. Fusarium avenaceum: A toxigenic pathogen causing ear rot on maize in Yunnan province, China (2019) Plant Disease 103:6, 1424, (IF=3.809)
5.Shan L, Hafiz Abdul Haseeb, Zhang J, Zhang D, Daniel Paul  Jeffers,Dai X*, Wei Guo *. A loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) assay for the rapid detection of toxigenic Fusarium temperatum in maize stalks and kernels (2019) International Journal of Food Microbiology 291, 72-78  (2019)(IF=4.187)
6.Xi K, Shan L, Hafiz Abdul Haseeb, Guo Wei*, Dai X*. First report of Fusarium commune causing stalk rot on maize in Liaoning, China (2019) Plant Disease, 103:4, 773-773 (IF=3.809)
7.Shan L,Zhang J,Ma N,Dai X*, Wei Guo *. First report of maize stalk rot disease caused by Fusarium cerealis in Yunnan, China (2018). Plant Disease 2018 102:2, 444 (IF=3.809)
8.Shan L, Cui W, Zhang D, Zhang J, Ma N, Bao Y, Dai X*, Wei Guo *. First report of Fusarium brachygibbosum causing maize stalk rot in China (2017). Plant Disease 2017 101:5, 837 (IF=3.809)
9.Wei Guo, Jiang T, Zhang X, Li G, Zhou X*. Molecular variation of satellite DNA beta molecules associated with Malvastrum yellow vein virus and their role in pathogenicity (2008) Applied and Environmental Microbiology 74 (6), 1909 (IF=4.016)
10.Yang XL#, Wei Guo#, Ma XY, An Q, Zhou X*. Molecular characterization of Tomato leaf curl China virus infecting tomato in China and functional analyses of its associated betasatellite (2011) Applied and Environmental Microbiology 77, 3092(IF=4.016)


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E-mail: guowei01@caas.cn , iewguo@126.com