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Education background and work experience

Graduated from China Agricultural University in 2008, now work in the Institute of Food Science and Technology CAAS, Director of the New Resources Food Research Center, Executive Deputy Director of the Agricultural products and Processed Products Quality Supervision and Testing center (Beijing) M.A.R.A, Secretary-general of Agricultural Product Processing Technical Committee for Standardization, Deputy Secretary-general of National Food-Drug Homology Science and Technology Innovation Alliance.

Research interest

Main research interests: Quality safety and quality evaluation and comprehensive utilization of food-drug homologous plants

1. Quality and safety risk assessment and testing techniques research on food-drug homologous plants

2. Nutritional quality evaluation and efficacy mechanism research on food-drug homologous plants

3. Comprehensive utilization and key technologies research on food-drug homologous plants

4. Standardization research on food-drug homologous plants

Selected publications

1. Residue and Dietary Risk Assessment of Chiral Cyflumetofen in Apple, Molecules, 2018, 23(5):1-13.

2. “Off–On” fluorescent sensing of organophosphate pesticides using a carbon dot–Au(III) complex using a carbon dot–Au(III) complex, RSC Advances,2018,8: 11551-11556.

3. Synthesis of cyclic ethers by cyclodehydration of 1,n-diols using heteropoly acids as catalysts, Royal Society Open Science,2018,5(9): 180740.

4.Citrus sinensis MYB transcription factors CsMYB330 regulate fruit juice sac lignification through fine-tuning expression of the Cs4CL1 gene, Plant Science,2018, 277: 334-343.

5.Chemometric-assisted QuEChERS extraction method for post-harvest pesticide determination in fruits and vegetables, Scientific reports,2017,7:1-12.

6. Identification of microRNAs correlated with citrus granulation based on bioinformatics and molecular biology analysis. Postharvest Biology and Technology, Postharvest Biology and Technology,2016,118:59-67.

7. Determination of inorganic arsenic in rice by solid phase extraction and hydride generation atomic fluorescence spectrometry, Analytical Methods,2015,7(20): 8896–8900.


Host or participate in over 20 projects included National Natural Science Fund, Beijing Natural Science Fund, Basic Scientific Research Fund of CAAS, “The 12th Five-Year Plan” National Science and Technology Support Plan, “The 13th Five-Year Plan” Key Research and Development Fund, Agricultural Products Quality and Safety Supervision Fund MARA, Agricultural Standard Establishment Fund, etc. Published over 40 academic papers, 7 books, authorized over 30 national patents.


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